Towards an Open and Scientific Approach to Innovation Processes

TitleTowards an Open and Scientific Approach to Innovation Processes
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2012
AuthorsDiamantini C, Potena, D, Storti E
Pagination11 - 18
Date Published2012
AbstractBeing the modern economy constantly changing and evolving, organizations are asked to develop a more flexible, open and collaborative mindset. In particular, an attitude towards continuous product/process innovation is seen as one of the potential solutions capable to effectively address the dynamism of the market and gain a competitive advantage. However, Business Innovation (BI) still lacks shared methodologies and best practices capable to effectively drive business users from an innovative idea to its realization and evaluation. This work investigates the possibility to adopt a pragmatic and systematic approach to support business users in the management of an innovation process, with the aim to test the effectiveness of an innovative idea, increasing the control over the process and reducing the risks of failure.